4 Unique Ways 3D Animation is Being Used

By September 18, 2015 April 17th, 2019 3D Animation

We live in a day and age where the advancements in technology have helped us live happier, more fulfilling and easier lives. These advancements have also helped various industries run more smoothly and create better products.

One of these great technological advancements available to us in the 21st century is 3D animation.

3D animation videos are used in many industries to display products, ideas and entertainment on a whole new level. For instance, thanks to 3D animation, the first “Jurassic Park” movie, released back in 1993 had resounding success. Did you know that the 4 minutes of 3D dinosaurs in the first “Jurassic Park” took an entire year to create? Luckily, 3D animation creation is much faster today.

The first shot animated in “Jurassic Park” (1993)

Business Insider

We all have seen 3D animation in the entertainment industry. But do you realize how many other industries are able to use this video style to better our world? There are many industries that rely on 3D animation for creating, training, presenting, and more. A few of these fields include, architectural, medical, retail and engineering.

Here are 4 unique ways 3D animation is being used today in these expanding industries.

1. Architecture

See the exterior and interior of buildings come to life before construction

In the architectural industry, designers can use 3D modeling to show their ideas before they are implemented. Construction companies across the world are using this type of animation, which has resulted in lower costs and better reputation. 3D animation allows these companies to plan every last detail before construction begins, which minimizes mistakes. Architects no longer have to repeatedly go in the field and do complex measurements. All they need is a powerful and fast computer and they can capitalize on 3D animation to create amazingly beautiful buildings. The interior of buildings can be designed in the same way, like I’m sure you have seen on any and every show on HGTV. Interior designers are able to be more efficient and take on more jobs than ever before thanks to 3D animation.

2. Medical

Train future doctors with realistic models, so they are prepared when they work with patients

In the medical industry, 3D animation is used to allow medical students and professionals to visualize the complexities of human anatomy. 3D animation can show, in detail, what cannot be seen by the naked eye. It allows surgeons to explore the human body, with replicas, before they go into surgery. It can be used as a very effective tool to train new interns or show young surgeons the most complex surgical techniques. As most people are visual learners, 3D animation is a groundbreaking technique in the medical industry, and has managed to train these professionals more efficiently and effectively.

3. Retail

Show people across the world every single detail of a product.

In the retail industry, companies use 3D animation and modeling to easily explain the functions and features of a product that is otherwise hard to explain. This proves extremely helpful for those products that can’t be photographed or recorded on camera. These products include those with multiple angles or microscopic features. 3D animations create interactive images that are great to have at events such as tradeshows. It is challenging for many people to visualize the detail of complicated or technical products. 3D animation allows the viewer to demonstrate products in a lifelike way.

4. Engineering

Show the inner workings of machinery

3D animation was specially built for the engineering industry, enabling engineers to view how a machine that has not been built yet will look and function. In 1960, while working for Boeing Aircraft, William Fetter coined the term “computer graphics” after creating the first computer model of the human body, “The Boeing Man.” Fetter and his team explored new techniques, using computer graphics, to assist in the design of airplanes. Being that 3D animation was founded on the grounds of an engineering company, it makes sense that much of the 3D videos that are created are for the engineering industry. 3D animation can show the inner workings of a machine, even when it is still in the concept stage. William Fetter and his team created 3D animation to better the engineering industry, and to this day it is still improving this industry, as well as many others.

3D animation can be found in many different industries across the world, even in households in the form of movies and videos.

Its strength lies in the fact that it can produce a variety of images, from innovative and fantastic to realistic and pragmatic. This field has a very bright future and will shape generations to come, making their lives even easier than our own. Although only 4 industries were covered in this post, there are many others that use 3D animation to market, educate or entertain. If you believe your company could better itself with a 3D animation video, contact us today! To learn more about the benefits and uses of 3D animation, check out or 3D animation portfolio.