5 Benefits Of 3D Animation Videos

By May 15, 2015 April 17th, 2019 3D Animation

3D animation brings products and projects to life. It has unique and unmatched qualities, and knows no bounds. Here are 5 reasons 3D animation may be a good addition to your marketing plan:

Quick visual summary:

When it comes to showing a quick visualization of a complex concept, nothing can match 3D animation.

It allows you to fit a lot of information into a short amount of time. 3D animation can show things that an image or 2d video cannot. Clients want to see your vision clearly before they make a purchase decision. Take guess work off the table, and ensure that your clients clearly understand your competitive advantages.

Easily grab attention:

A startling or unusual sequence, a sudden move, the shimmer of computer generated special effects; all of these animation techniques grab attention effectively.

That is the number one prerequisite to communicating with your market. According to research, you must grab the attention of viewers within 20 seconds, or you will lose them. 3D animation does not disappoint; its incomparable qualities will draw your prospects in, and hold their attention.

Show what cannot be photographed:

This is truly where 3D animation shines; there are no limits to what can be shown with computer animation.

3D animation can fly through the solid steel of an engine or do an extreme zoom from outer space down to the nucleus of a cell; within 3 seconds, anything can happen. If you can imagine it, an animator can create it. With 3D animation, you can demonstrate a product in ways that are beyond what conventional photography or videography can show.

Demonstrate what has not yet been built:

3D animation videos can conceptualize products or projects that are still being developed.

Massive engineering and architectural projects are sold long before construction begins. Computer animation techniques are able to create walkthrough animations, so it seems to they audience that they are looking at the real thing. 3D animation can make the viewer feel like they are truly inside the nonexistent space or looking at a nonexistent product.

Position your company as technologically advanced:

3D animation can take an ordinary, mundane product and impart an intense, high tech look and feel to it.

Gillette uses cutting edge animation in its ads to make its razors look ultra-sleek, and help people visualize the product benefits. Anytime a high quality, high-impact video is released, that company’s image is boosted. Graphic design elements, special effects, pace of movement, lighting and camera work all combine to create the masterpiece that is 3D animation. No other medium elevates a product’s perceived qualities quite like 3D animation.

Those are just a few of the many compelling reasons to incorporate 3D animation into your marketing plan. Show what cannot be seen; let VMG bring your products to life with a 3D animation video.