5 Ways an Animated Corporate Video Can Help Your Business

By August 12, 2015 November 19th, 2018 Animated Explainer

In the past few years, animated corporate videos have become extremely popular as a way to promote businesses, products and services.

In fact, 76% of businesses plan to add a video to their website, making it a higher priority than Facebook, Twitter and blog integration. Corporate videos offer numerous benefits. They help you attract more prospects to your business, and are the perfect medium to keep your audience engaged and interested in your company.

Without further ado, here are 5 ways an animated corporate video can help your business:

Communicate Efficiently

Animated corporate videos allow you to easily share your key message in an entertaining and understandable way. These videos are created to achieve specific company goals, such as raising awareness, creating engagement or increasing sales. Videos are the perfect way to communicate with your audience efficiently. Animated videos specifically allow you to draw out your exact message in a way that visually supports the script

Build Brand Awareness

According to eMarketer, 56 percent of its readers say they will increase spending on branding-related activities over the next 12 months. Videos are a great opportunity to build brand awareness. With animated corporate videos, you are able to use exciting and interesting visual content to promote your brand. Whether it’s using brand logos, company colors or product/service images, corporate videos make it easy to combine all of your branding efforts into one message. In the current market, brands can effectively reach their awareness goals by using video content to fuel campaigns.

Educate Website Visitors

Videos add an average of 2 minutes to visitors stay on websites. While you have their attention, a video is the perfect way to educate your audience. Animated corporate videos are packed full of informational and valuable content, and they guarantee that your viewers will hear the exact message you want them to. People today seem to prefer watching over reading, so give them what they want! You could have a video first thing on your homepage to explain who you are and what you do. Or you could have a product video showcasing a new product or your entire line of products. Fact is, 80% of your website visitors will watch your video, while only 20% will read the majority of text.

Attract Prospects

Using a corporate video, is a great way to attract people to your business. These days, most people research thoroughly before choosing a company to work with. Thus, your video can be an excellent medium to entice and interest prospects. Google ranks videos high in searches, due to its ownership of YouTube. Did you know websites that include a homepage video are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google? Videos have a specific call to action to steer your audience in the right direction, and get them to the next step in your sales process. Finally, videos are easily shared, allowing them to generate more leads and increase your conversion rate.

Engage on Social Media

When it comes to social media, videos are the best way to engage your audience. Animated videos provide you with the opportunity to keep people interested in your content, business, products and services. Using the main video social media site, YouTube, you can link all of your videos, and channel, to your website. A long animated corporate video can be split up into parts, and posted weekly, as a way to keep your audience coming back. With simple, short and interesting videos, you are able to get more likes, shares and followers.

Animated corporate videos come in many different styles, the original animated, whiteboard, blackboard, infographic and 3D.

The original animated is similar to a cartoon, with lots of color and character movement (like the one in this post.) Whiteboard videos show a story being drawn on a whiteboard by an artist. Blackboard videos are the reverse of whiteboard videos, similar to a chalkboard. Many of our clients who have gone with blackboard chose to do so because of their branding colors. Infographic animations bring information, facts and stats to life. 3D animation videos show detail that cannot be shown in basic videography or photography. If you are interested in incorporating an animated corporate video into your marketing plan, contact us today!