Animated Videos: All the Perks, and Why They Work

By May 21, 2015 November 19th, 2018 Animated Explainer

Animated videos combine the professionalism of a corporate video with the lightheartedness of a cartoon.

These videos are the perfect blend of education and entertainment; facts and stories. They grab attention and hold it. This video style is able to convey complicated information in an easily understood manner.

Why they work:


Animated videos are fun! The vibrant colors, fluid motions, and captivating stories grab attention like no other. The entertainment factor of these videos helps to convey the key message without losing the viewer’s interest. These videos are also a great way to tone down overly technical information. Many science, financial, and tech corporations use these types of videos to make their presentations more fun. We all watched cartoons as children, so these videos give us a case of nostalgia, and make us feel right at home.


These videos are extremely effective. Animated videos bypass ad filters in the brain with visual storytelling, ensuring prospects learn exactly what is intended. Studies have shown that viewers remember 15% more when recalling an animated video compared to other styles. Videos cater to visual and auditory learners, so they are the best way to deliver information to all different types of learners.


Not only can animated videos reach your intended immediate audience, but due to their fun nature, they are likely to be shared through email and across social media platforms, reaching audiences you never imagined. Many animated videos become extremely popular on YouTube, and many have even gone viral. Countless name-brand corporations use this style to relate to their audience, and present their products. For example, I’m sure you have seen Red Bull’s commercial campaign using animated videos.

The perks:

Multiple Styles

Animation is a specific video style by itself, but the artists that design these videos each have their own style. If you look in our portfolio, you can see that each of our videos looks different. There are so many options when it comes to video animation. Your video will definitely stand out from the crowd!


Since an artist draws each video from scratch, you are able to customize it as much as you would like. You can craft the characters in the video in the image of your audience. This will help your audience connect and relate to the video, because they will feel it was made specifically for them.


When a customer feels like they can specifically relate to your video, they will begin to trust your brand, and trust leads directly to conversions! Also, there is a specific call to action in these videos, so the viewer will know exactly what they need to do. Whether it’s driving additional sales, engaging visitors, or obtaining user sign ups, animation videos guide people to the next step in the process.

Limitless Possibilities

The only limit during the creation of an animated video is your imagination. An animated video can travel the entire world in a 1-3 minute video, an animal can talk and people can fly. In other words, the possibilities are endless.

So, now you know why animated videos work so well, and why they are so popular. Need to add a little spice to your marketing plan? An animated video can do that! Fill out our contact form to learn more.