The Story

The clients knew they wanted to go the humorous route from the very beginning, while also focusing on the quality of their product and why their screws are different from other screws on the market.

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The Script

Creation: Concept & Thumbnails

It started with Quickscrews’ much-beloved tagline: “Don’t get screwed.” From there, they allowed us to let our kooky imaginations run wild with this viral-worthy video. We came up with mixing highbrow concepts inspired by Masterpiece Theatre and classic book cover art, with the silly and fantastical, like the exploding Trojan horse. We also included technical aspects, including the actual equation for torque.

Creation: Final Art, Rigging, & Animation

The final artwork was partially hand drawn, with actual photos of the screws coming to life through animation.

Testimonials & Awards

“We are big believers in video and were considering animation when VMG contacted us. We knew we wanted some humor mixed with the technical aspects of our product and the quality that users have come to expect. It became clear that the creative team at VMG were excited about our project and little by little we gave over control. We love the resulting video and are excited to hear that the video has won multiple awards.”

Jared Wiener, Executive Vice President

– 2018 Telly Silver Award Winner – Online Commercials – Craft – Use of Humor

– 2018 Communicator Award of Excellence – Comedy