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Incorporating Whiteboard Videos into Your Business

Incorporating Whiteboard Videos into Your Business

Whiteboard videos are an easy and friendly way to market your business.

Animated whiteboard videos easily communicate information and influence your audience to take action. To be a successful marketing and sales tool, these videos needs to be high quality, professional animations containing relevant information.

A professional animated video uses an experienced voiceover talent to present a key message that has been perfectly scripted by skillful writers. This level of video also includes appropriate background music, smooth transitions, and vivid animations. All of these aspects combine to create a high quality, professional video that is perfect for your sales and marketing teams.

Your sales team can incorporate whiteboard videos into their process, by sending them out in their emails or directing people to watch them on your website. These videos grab and hold attention, because they simplify your key messages, entertain your audience, and are easily shared.

Simplify your message

Whiteboard videos can simplify even the most complicated messages. The animated nature of these videos makes everything more fun to watch, so people will pay more attention to the details. By combining audio and animation, your audience will understand the exact message you are delivering.

Entertain your audience

Whiteboard animations are a fun and unique style of video. People like to have fun! If your audience is entertained, they won’t mind hearing about your business, what you do, and why they need it. You will be able to quickly, and easily, explain to customers everything they need to know about your company, while captivating them with intriguing, hand-drawn animation.

Share with customers

Whiteboard videos can be embedded into your website or landing pages, shared on every social media platform, sent through email to all of your prospects, and uploaded to YouTube to improve your SEO. Your clients can even pass along your whiteboard video as a referral.

Whiteboard videos can be easily incorporated into many aspects of your marketing plan. I have talked about a lot of different ways to use video in a marketing plan in a previous post, but here I will include more specific ideas.

Add them to your blog

Adding a whiteboard video to your blog posts, like I have with this one, can spice up the ordinary structure of a typical post. One idea for a blog post, is to write around the content displayed in your whiteboard video, or even write all about how and why it was made.

Directing people to your whiteboard video is a perfect way to get your key message to your audience. Once someone starts watching, the whiteboard video takes care of everything else. Did you know that 80% of internet users remember the video ads they watch online? Get people to watch your video, and they will remember your business, and what it’s all about. Another plus to adding videos to blog posts, is that they improve your SEO. Google likes to offer content in many different forms, and of course, Google loves YouTube.

Share on social media

These videos can be used on all of your social media platforms. You could also use pieces of your video every week on Instagram or Vine, and then share it on all of your accounts, with a lesson or fact about your industry, business or product.

For example, you can create a weekly campaign that uses your whiteboard video every Friday. This will help create anticipation among your customers who will be waiting to see the next part, or learn something new from you every Friday. You can then connect each of these weekly lessons to a blog post; this will create a consistent flow of traffic to your website, which is necessary for improving your search engine results.

There are many different ways to use whiteboard videos in your social media campaigns, even if you only have one.

With most businesses predominantly using content marketing, whiteboard videos are an excellent way to position your business as an industry expert. Customers will turn to businesses they feel have a solid understanding of their field of operation. Use your video to empower others, and you will be surprised by the interest and engagement they will create. These videos drive traffic and generate more prospects, which results in more sales.

Engaging your customers with whiteboard videos is one of the best ways to enhance your marketing plan.

By engaging your customers, you connect with them, and they appreciate what you are teaching them. These videos show that your business knows what it’s talking about, which creates loyalty from your customers.

Want to learn more ways to use your company video in your marketing plan? Stay tuned to our blog. Don’t have a whiteboard video yet? Let us help you connect to your costumers with a professional, high quality whiteboard video! Contact us today.

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Five Reasons Whiteboard Animation Videos Work

Five Reasons Whiteboard Animation Videos Work

1. Grab the attention of your audience

Whiteboard animation videos help to differentiate your company from your competitors, because they are fun and unique. People like to have fun!

People learn better when something is fun. If your audience is entertained, they won’t mind hearing about your business, what you do, and why they need it. You will be able to quickly, and easily, explain to customers everything they need to know about your company, while captivating them with intriguing, hand-drawn animation.

2. Explain complex ideas easily

A huge advantage of whiteboard animation videos is that they can simplify communicating even the most complicated messages.

They are also able to influence your potential customers to become engaged and take action. These videos provide a powerful, emotional message that persuade consumers to take the next step. Whiteboard videos are the best way to explain big ideas, because they reel people in and keep them hooked.

Research has shown that people retain 15% more of the information after watching a whiteboard video, compared to any other type of informational video. Whiteboard videos make sure the information you are delivering, no matter how complicated, will sink in and stick with the viewer.

3. Deliver the exact message you want the consumer to hear

Viewers spend more time on pages with videos on them. Your customer is much more likely to watch a video than read complicated text or lengthy reviews.

Through your video, you can tell consumers exactly what you want them to know about your product or service. Rather than relying on text or pictures, a video can easily walk your audience through what your company does.

Viewers will become invested, because they feel they have an understanding of what the video is saying and how it will affect them. Whiteboard animations also provide a specific call to action. Whether the next step for your customer is to buy a product, fill out a form, or sign up for a service, videos can significantly improve conversion rates.

4. Build connections

You can quickly impress your current and potential customers with a whiteboard video, because they are engaging, yet simple enough for anyone to understand. They also portray a laid back feeling, because they are comfortable, easy to watch and have a friendly narrator.

Your customers are more likely to be drawn to your business, and also more likely to trust you, if they feel they can connect with you on some level. Whiteboard videos allow you to stand out from the competition, and build rapport, by showing customers you are the correct and trustworthy choice.

5. Help your business increase leads and sales

These hand-drawn whiteboard animations help you increase your leads and conversion rates.

Virtual Media Group can make you a video with the perfect drawings, animations and script for your needs. Once you have a video for your business, you can easily share it on your website, social media pages, through email, and even have your clients pass it along as a referral. You will gain more leads, simplify complicated explanations, and make more sales once your business has a whiteboard video.

Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text? Your marketing plan must be attention grabbing and efficient in today’s world. Consumers are constantly online, and are usually in a hurry. You must adapt your plan to reach them.

Whiteboard animation videos grab attention, influence people to take action, and stick with viewers.

Here's a great example of a whiteboard video we created for Bioquell.

View more Virtual Media Group animation videos on Vimeo.

If you are looking for a way to engage your audience, or explain a complicated idea, a whiteboard video is the right choice for you. Leave behind the boring, old-school methods of presenting, and move forward with your costumers into the captivating, digital age. Contact us today!

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How to Use Animated Whiteboard Videos to Enhance Your Marketing

How to Use Animated Whiteboard Videos to Enhance Your Marketing

According to statistics, videos have the potential to boost conversion rates by up to 80 percent, making them an integral part of any digital marketing strategy.

However, just any old video does not cut it. For a video to grab the attention of the viewer and have the opportunity to go viral, it has to be creative, captivating, and engaging.

That is where whiteboard videos come in. This groundbreaking innovation uses live drawings on a whiteboard by an artist’s hand to present a concept or a message. This type of video has become extremely popular because viewers are thrilled as they get to watch the entire process unfold before them from conception to development. The presentation is striking and informative, so the concept becomes easy to grasp.

Animated whiteboards utilize cartoon-like animations and drawings to create a powerful effect. The fascinating graphics grab the viewers’ attention while the constant change and movement keeps their minds involved and engaged.

These videos look appealing, are fun to watch, and also deliver a key message, which is why they have much more to offer than simply entertainment value. Many companies have realized the potential benefits of these videos as marketing tools.

Whiteboard videos help businesses enhance their marketing in many ways, including:

Create eye-catching home pages

Marketers know that they only have a few seconds to grab their audiences’ attention once they get to a website.

Most web users today are extremely impatient, and do not have a long attention span. Hence, they might feel intimidated if they find a huge block of text on a homepage describing a company, and its products or services. A short animated whiteboard video is much more welcoming, and can share all of that information in 90 seconds or less.

Provide inspiring tutorials

It is common for businesses to provide tutorial videos along with other training materials on their pages. Unfortunately, in most cases, these materials are dreary and lifeless.

Companies can use animated whiteboard videos to visualize their training resources and connect with product users on a deeper level. These videos also come in handy when training employees on new company procedures because they make certain that the information and instructions are passed on in a consistent and engaging manner.

Communicate an important message

The organic, simple, and stimulating approach of animated whiteboard videos can be used for more than just messaging and business sales. These videos can be particularly effective tools in spurring advocacy and innovation.

Whether you want to inspire and motivate viewers to bring about change in their surroundings or simply want to educate them on issues close to your heart, whiteboard animations are especially practical when it comes to demonstrating information that only exists someone’s imagination. Animated whiteboard videos are 100 percent hand drawn, so the only limit is imagination.

Save time

Videos spare audiences the ordeal of reading through huge blocks of texts, and they also save marketers the time of writing that text.

Animated whiteboard videos can be used on social media, on any page on a website, in email blasts, for advertising and of course in blog posts! Sales teams can save a lot of time by sending a video that includes all of the information they usually repeat to their prospects.

Marketers can create a video with the information provided in a brochure, so they are not only save cost on printing, but also helping the environment. These videos are a smart investment, because they can be repurposed all throughout a marketing plan.

Want to learn more ways to use your company video in your marketing plan? Stay tuned to our blog. Don’t have a whiteboard video yet? Let us help you connect to your costumers with a professional, high quality video!

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Why Are Whiteboard Videos So Effective?

Why Are Whiteboard Videos So Effective?

Does your company offer a product or service whose complexity makes it difficult to explain to customers? If so, then you probably understand better than most the value of visual imagery.

Clients are far less likely to take you at your word regarding what your products do that if you’re able to actually demonstrate it to them. That’s because research has shown that as much as 65 percent of the population classifies themselves as visual learners. Yet successfully incorporating images into your marketing strategy takes pairing the right types of visuals with your message.

Whiteboard videos help explain complex processes

Enter whiteboard videos. Utilizing 100% hand-drawn animation set against a blank canvas, these ads have proven to be incredibly effective at convincing customers to buy whatever it is that they are seeing.

The reason for their efficacy is the simple, easy-to-follow way in which they present their messages. For example, say you sell replacement engines, and you really want clients to understand how their operation makes them different. You can show them a standard video of one of your engines (with a voiceover explaining what’s going on), yet you’re still asking the customer to trust your word.

If you go with a whiteboard video, on the other hand, you can actually deconstruct the image the on the screen, letting viewers see the individual internal components and show how they operate in concert. This produces that “ah-ha” moment that everyone sales and marketing dreams about when a client truly comprehends what is being said.

What science says about whiteboard animation

There’s scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of whiteboard animation. Because the images are presented in a much simpler context, the brain requires less effort to process them. This allows more effort to be put into comprehension. Beyond that, the visual progression of the animation from simple lines to a completed image serves to build anticipation in the viewer’s mind. Here’s how:

  • The sensory impulse caused by the anticipation produces the neurotransmitter dopamine in the ventral tegmental area of the brain.
  • The dopamine is released into the spaces between different brain cells, locking onto smaller molecules known as receptors.
  • This stimulation essentially serves as a mental reward, telling the viewer that whatever was just processed is worth getting more of.

It is for this reason why viewers of whiteboard marketing videos report feeling more as though they were being entertained rather than pitched a product.

Now that you understand why whiteboard animation is so effective when creating explainer videos, your next step is finding the right media solutions provider to help you create your own.

That’s where Virtual Media Group comes in. Having created countless whiteboard videos for other clients, we know how to present your company’s message in a way that is sure to lead to increased customer conversion rates. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your new video!

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New Year; New Video: Whiteboard Videos and Their Benefits for 2016

New Year; New Video: Whiteboard Videos and Their Benefits for 2016

This year, digital marketing has employed heavy use of videos as a tool to reach out to the consumer. Although videos in general are able to attract the target audience ...

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