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By June 27, 2018 December 19th, 2018 Video of the Week

Did you know VMG makes more than exceptional marketing videos? This week’s Video of the Week is a great example of how we can take your training material and make it into a stylish, easy to watch training video. We’re so grateful to EO Accelerator for handing over the reins so we could make this one to remember!

“Adding new projects to a team with a full plate is always hard to manage but, working with VMG has allowed my team to be more creative than ever! We had a say where it made sense and kept us out of the weeds. The content writers, designers, artist and overall team worked magic with making our basic ideas come to life. We are so happy with this process, we’re already working on a second video!”

Lauren King – Accelerator Program Director @ EO Accelerator

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