Email Marketing and Video Pair Well To Create A Marketing Win!

By July 14, 2016 December 18th, 2018 Animated Explainer

There is no other form of marketing that works quite as well as email marketing and combining it with the quick and effective communication form of video is an instant marketing win. It is a great way to educate your client base, increase brand awareness and prospect conversion rates.

Videos are a small one time investment that can be used in countless ways. They deliver a consistent message every time they are viewed and viewers are six times more likely to remember and understand what they are being shown.

The rising amounts of click-through rates show that recipients are actually taking the time to read through an email and are more likely to share the email with others when a video was added to the content.

So let’s go over a few of the benefits of combining video with email marketing:

• Videos save time on both the sender and recipient’s side. It takes less time to explain important and complex information in a video than it does to explain through text alone.

• Video has become a viral sensation on the internet. They are easily shared, quickly delivering your message and giving companies the chance to spread their ideas across the world.

• Videos are attention-grabbing. They are engaging and entertaining, so people enjoy watching them and do not feel as if they are being sold.

• Video improve SEO ranking. Search engines place a high value on video. They are 53 times more likely to appear on the front pages of Google.


Video has taken the marketing world by storm due to their popularity on the internet. With 76% of businesses reporting they plan to add videos to their marketing strategy, it’s important to make sure your company’s marketing plan is not getting left behind. To find out more ways video can be useful in your marketing plan check out our previous blog post on why videos are a marketing necessity.

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