How Onboarding Videos Can Save Your Company

By October 14, 2015 November 19th, 2018 Animated Explainer, Corporate Videos

The most valuable asset of every company is its employees.

From the new hire who started last week, to the veteran who has been there since day one. We read many things about constantly making sure employees know the company’s values and mission. You may think this is something instilled over time, but many times your newest hire is the most excited about the company. So, how do you take that eagerness and turn it into passion for the company right out of the gate? Simple, by making them feel as valued and important as every other person in the building from the very beginning.

People of importance are informed. They are involved, or at least approached, about all of the big happenings in the company. Knowledge is power, so fill your new hires with knowledge. Do not make them sit around guessing about the company’s message or internal functions.

The best way to deliver all of this important information, and be sure it is absorbed, is through a quick, easy to understand video.

The onboarding process decides whether you get a productive long-lasting employee or a disengaged short timer. An onboarding video can be packed with useful information while also engaging and inspiring. Share the values, mission, culture and opportunities of your company, while also informing about procedures, benefits and other important factors. This will help your new employees connect with your company.

Including employee testimonials in your onboarding video is a great way to not only spread the love for your brand, but also help the new hire connect with their coworkers.

Our culture loves reviews. Every time I go to purchase something online, I always read the customer reviews first. In the same way, new employees want to know how their coworkers feel about their job and the company. Testimonials are a great way for new hires to learn about the company environment and their coworkers. Video is the optimal method for this, because it does not take employees away from their job. Plus, a video actually works better than a speech or personal presentation, because videos have been proven to aid in memory retention.

Onboarding videos make new employees feel welcome, teach them about the company and allow them to take in information easier than other training methods.

A video will make new hires feel welcomed and prepared to take on the job. This will increase productivity and retention throughout the company. Make sure your employees are actually ready to take on their responsibilities when they begin their role.

Turn your new, eager employees into informed, passionate veterans by making your expertise immediately available to them. Add an educational, entertaining, involved onboarding video to your new hire training process.

Interested in making an onboarding video for your new employees? Check out our portfolio to see how we have helped other companies.