How to Use Animated Whiteboard Videos to Enhance Your Marketing

By August 2, 2018 December 18th, 2018 Whiteboard Video

According to statistics, videos have the potential to boost conversion rates by up to 80 percent, making them an integral part of any digital marketing strategy.

However, just any old video does not cut it. For a video to grab the attention of the viewer and have the opportunity to go viral, it has to be creative, captivating, and engaging.

That is where whiteboard videos come in. This groundbreaking innovation uses live drawings on a whiteboard by an artist’s hand to present a concept or a message. This type of video has become extremely popular because viewers are thrilled as they get to watch the entire process unfold before them from conception to development. The presentation is striking and informative, so the concept becomes easy to grasp.

Animated whiteboards utilize cartoon-like animations and drawings to create a powerful effect. The fascinating graphics grab the viewers’ attention while the constant change and movement keeps their minds involved and engaged.

These videos look appealing, are fun to watch, and also deliver a key message, which is why they have much more to offer than simply entertainment value. Many companies have realized the potential benefits of these videos as marketing tools.

Whiteboard videos help businesses enhance their marketing in many ways, including:

Create eye-catching home pages

Marketers know that they only have a few seconds to grab their audiences’ attention once they get to a website.

Most web users today are extremely impatient, and do not have a long attention span. Hence, they might feel intimidated if they find a huge block of text on a homepage describing a company, and its products or services. A short animated whiteboard video is much more welcoming, and can share all of that information in 90 seconds or less.

Provide inspiring tutorials

It is common for businesses to provide tutorial videos along with other training materials on their pages. Unfortunately, in most cases, these materials are dreary and lifeless.

Companies can use animated whiteboard videos to visualize their training resources and connect with product users on a deeper level. These videos also come in handy when training employees on new company procedures because they make certain that the information and instructions are passed on in a consistent and engaging manner.

Communicate an important message

The organic, simple, and stimulating approach of animated whiteboard videos can be used for more than just messaging and business sales. These videos can be particularly effective tools in spurring advocacy and innovation.

Whether you want to inspire and motivate viewers to bring about change in their surroundings or simply want to educate them on issues close to your heart, whiteboard animations are especially practical when it comes to demonstrating information that only exists someone’s imagination. Animated whiteboard videos are 100 percent hand drawn, so the only limit is imagination.

Save time

Videos spare audiences the ordeal of reading through huge blocks of texts, and they also save marketers the time of writing that text.

Animated whiteboard videos can be used on social media, on any page on a website, in email blasts, for advertising and of course in blog posts! Sales teams can save a lot of time by sending a video that includes all of the information they usually repeat to their prospects.

Marketers can create a video with the information provided in a brochure, so they are not only save cost on printing, but also helping the environment. These videos are a smart investment, because they can be repurposed all throughout a marketing plan.

Want to learn more ways to use your company video in your marketing plan? Stay tuned to our blog. Don’t have a whiteboard video yet? Let us help you connect to your costumers with a professional, high quality video!