Incorporating Whiteboard Videos into Your Business

By August 10, 2018 December 10th, 2018 Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard videos are an easy and friendly way to market your business.

Animated whiteboard videos easily communicate information and influence your audience to take action. To be a successful marketing and sales tool, these videos needs to be high quality, professional animations containing relevant information.

A professional animated video uses an experienced voiceover talent to present a key message that has been perfectly scripted by skillful writers. This level of video also includes appropriate background music, smooth transitions, and vivid animations. All of these aspects combine to create a high quality, professional video that is perfect for your sales and marketing teams.

Your sales team can incorporate whiteboard videos into their process, by sending them out in their emails or directing people to watch them on your website. These videos grab and hold attention, because they simplify your key messages, entertain your audience, and are easily shared.

Simplify your message

Whiteboard videos can simplify even the most complicated messages. The animated nature of these videos makes everything more fun to watch, so people will pay more attention to the details. By combining audio and animation, your audience will understand the exact message you are delivering.

Entertain your audience

Whiteboard animations are a fun and unique style of video. People like to have fun! If your audience is entertained, they won’t mind hearing about your business, what you do, and why they need it. You will be able to quickly, and easily, explain to customers everything they need to know about your company, while captivating them with intriguing, hand-drawn animation.

Share with customers

Whiteboard videos can be embedded into your website or landing pages, shared on every social media platform, sent through email to all of your prospects, and uploaded to YouTube to improve your SEO. Your clients can even pass along your whiteboard video as a referral.

Whiteboard videos can be easily incorporated into many aspects of your marketing plan. I have talked about a lot of different ways to use video in a marketing plan in a previous post, but here I will include more specific ideas.

Add them to your blog

Adding a whiteboard video to your blog posts, like I have with this one, can spice up the ordinary structure of a typical post. One idea for a blog post, is to write around the content displayed in your whiteboard video, or even write all about how and why it was made.

Directing people to your whiteboard video is a perfect way to get your key message to your audience. Once someone starts watching, the whiteboard video takes care of everything else. Did you know that 80% of internet users remember the video ads they watch online? Get people to watch your video, and they will remember your business, and what it’s all about. Another plus to adding videos to blog posts, is that they improve your SEO. Google likes to offer content in many different forms, and of course, Google loves YouTube.

Share on social media

These videos can be used on all of your social media platforms. You could also use pieces of your video every week on Instagram or Vine, and then share it on all of your accounts, with a lesson or fact about your industry, business or product.

For example, you can create a weekly campaign that uses your whiteboard video every Friday. This will help create anticipation among your customers who will be waiting to see the next part, or learn something new from you every Friday. You can then connect each of these weekly lessons to a blog post; this will create a consistent flow of traffic to your website, which is necessary for improving your search engine results.

There are many different ways to use whiteboard videos in your social media campaigns, even if you only have one.

With most businesses predominantly using content marketing, whiteboard videos are an excellent way to position your business as an industry expert. Customers will turn to businesses they feel have a solid understanding of their field of operation. Use your video to empower others, and you will be surprised by the interest and engagement they will create. These videos drive traffic and generate more prospects, which results in more sales.

Engaging your customers with whiteboard videos is one of the best ways to enhance your marketing plan.

By engaging your customers, you connect with them, and they appreciate what you are teaching them. These videos show that your business knows what it’s talking about, which creates loyalty from your customers.

Want to learn more ways to use your company video in your marketing plan? Stay tuned to our blog. Don’t have a whiteboard video yet? Let us help you connect to your costumers with a professional, high quality whiteboard video! Contact us today.