New Year; New Video: Whiteboard Videos and Their Benefits for 2016

By December 30, 2015 Whiteboard Video

This year, digital marketing has employed heavy use of videos as a tool to reach out to the consumer. Although videos in general are able to attract the target audience a great deal more than text or photos do, not every style can achieve the desired result. For a video to be a hit, it needs to be creative, engaging and interesting. Whiteboard videos are designed for just this kind of interaction with the viewer.

A whiteboard video is a video where a story is told or process is explained while drawing on a whiteboard. The reason these videos have become so popular is their hypnotic effect. They have a way of keeping whoever is watching them glued to the spot for the entirety of the video.

There are a number of reasons why this video style receives so much attention:

They tell a story

The video will usually pick a character and use them to pass the message that is intended. The character is seen moving through different phases as the story changes. It is easy to follow a well-told story and thus most people will gain interest as the video goes on. By the end of the video, the audience is left with the message, even though they feel as if they were listening to a friend talk. A creative whiteboard video transforms boring board room talks into something interesting.

Softening sensitive topics

The cartoon nature of whiteboard videos has the effect of making serious issues in life seem like everyday topics. For that reason, messages of different nature can be aptly passed on to the intended viewer without offending them with the presentation. Volatile topics can be shown in an easy-to-take manner that is not offensive.

A personalized way of reaching out

The last thing a consumer wants is to be addressed like a brick wall. A lot of marketing strategies have become generic after excessive recycling. These kinds of videos avoid that pitfall due to their story-telling aspects. Whatever type of narrator the story needs, whether it be a kid or an adult, the drawings can depict just that and therefore, the intended audience is able to relate.

They are suitable for any location

A whiteboard video’s final format is simple. The video can be understood even without the audio. When there is a trade show, and your business has a booth where the products and/or services are showcased, visuals can prove very important. As a matter of fact, the video might be the first thing that brings attention to your wares. This flexibility means you can have it wherever you need it.

Limitless creativity

Anything can be explained by hand-drawn animations. Whiteboard video is a sure way of delivering a crisp-clear message that is not riddled with inconsistencies. Also, the animations can add color to make things pop so that important information stands out.

Whiteboard videos are the way to turn your business into a recognizable brand in 2016. At VMG, we have many adept and versatile artists. There are different exciting styles to be used and all of them help magnify the power of brands. Contact us today to get your 2016 project rolling.