3D Animation Videos

3D Animation Videos

3D Animation Demo Reel

Also known as the Showstopper

At VMG, 3D explainer videos are “all eyes on me” showstoppers. You can fly in and around objects and terrain in a way that’s impossible in live action without a blockbuster budget. 3D can show what can’t be photographed, whether because it’s hidden within a labyrinth of cogs and belts, behind the cell walls of an organism, or it’s a product yet to be manufactured.

From the base geometry, to texture, lighting, and those extra special touches of realism, we are meticulous about our 3D… in a good way! Our attention to detail and cinematic camera moves will make your audience do a double-take, no matter the industry.

Featured 3D Animation Videos

Air Oasis Nano Induct

Aesthetics Biomedical Vivace


Control Devices – Water Hog

Polar King International

Air Oasis iAdaptAir

International Road Dynamics, Inc

Elkem – LSR Select

Glo-Pro Lures

3D Animation Videos
VMG Style

Z-space, polygonal mesh, raytracing, multipass rendering… the world of 3D is complex and very technical, but have no fear! At VMG, we know our 3D. The high quality of our work keeps evolving alongside advancements in the CGI industry. We can take your product or concept places you never could have imagined, and you end up with a marketing tool that leaves your competitors in the digital dust.

3D can get in places a camera can’t. It can assemble and disassemble objects in the blink of an eye, illuminate the subatomic, and demystify the grandiose.

Benefits of 3D Animation Videos

  • Who can benefit from a 3D video? Everyone, but it’s particularly effective for Medical, Manufacturing, and Science & Technology fields—industries with products and parts that aren’t easy to access without an itsy-bitsy film crew.

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