Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer Videos

Informative and Engaging

Why are animated explainer videos so powerful? They’re visually bold, appealing, and the perfect vehicle for creating brand awareness. Using simple text, stylish graphics, and sometimes voice over, they give you the opportunity to introduce (or explain) your product or service in a matter of seconds. Not to mention, animated explainer videos have a high retention rate because they can break down complex information into attractive and easy-to-digest visuals.

Animated Explainer Videos
– VMG Style

At VMG, we have a knack for creating engaging explainers. We employ a proprietary blend of creative problem solving, sharp copywriting, thoughtful design, and clever animation to bring your message and brand to life in a really potent way. Whether you’re using your animated explainer video on your website, in your email marketing, on social media, in sales presentations, at trade shows, or all of the above, our aim is to make it engaging, informative, and most of all, effective!

Animated Explainer Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Not only can they explain your product or service, they reinforce and enhance your brand.
  • Content that would become tedious for a user to read – like statistical data or complex instructions – can be made infinitely more interesting using animated graphics.
  • Customers are way more likely to share video content than text, or even images.
  • They can increase email marketing click-through rates by up to 200%.

Animated Explainer Video Process


First things first: we want to make sure we know your brand and understand the message you want viewers to take away. That’s why we begin every project with a “Discovery” stage. Before we write a single line of copy or start thinking about a color palette, we’ll pick your brain to learn about your industry, your company, your product or service, and your customer.

Your video producer will take all of that info to our creative team. They’ll have some coffee (and sometimes a snack) to get their creative juices flowing, and then they’ll start some serious brainstorming. This is when we develop the script and the visual aesthetic of the video.

Mood & Message

After some internal review and careful editing, we’ll send your video’s “Mood & Message” for review. This includes a voice over script, suggested voice actor demos, and a concept image that represents the overall visual direction we’ve got in mind.

Sneak Peek

After you’ve reviewed and approved the Mood & Message, we’ll storyboard the video to show you how we’ll take things from start to finish. You’ll get a “Sneak Peek” in the form of scene-by-scene thumbnail sketches and a short sampling of the voice over to make sure the voice actor it is hitting the mark.

Video Premiere

Once that’s approved, the team is pretty tired, so we’ll take a little time off. JUST KIDDING! This is the best part–we start bringing all of the audio and visual components of the video together and adding animation.


When it’s time for the big “Video Premiere,” we’ll roll out the red carpet* (*send you a link to review the video online). With your approval, we’ll wrap production and deliver the finished video – optimized for any application, on any device.

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