Character Animation Videos

Character Animation Videos

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Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Character animation explainer videos are a great way to connect your brand to your customers. Using an animated character can give viewers someone to root for, learn from, or empathize with, and it gives your company an opportunity to show how your product or service could impact their daily life. Character animations also create a unique opportunity to shape how customers perceive your company. You can play the hero, the helping hand, the trusted friend.

Featured Character Animation Videos

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Character Animations
VMG Style

The VMG production team loves creating Character Animations. Telling engaging and impactful stories and creating interesting, expressive characters gives them a chance to flex their creative muscles – and it gives you a chance to connect with your customer. Whether you need something cinematic or more playful, short and sweet, or big and bold, we’ll make sure your viewers are entertained and engaged.

Benefits of Character Animation Videos

  • No amount of fancy text or graphs can have the impact of a character that is able to show a range of reactions and emotions. With character animation, you can truly tell a story that resonates with the viewer by showing real life scenarios and elicit curiosity and empathy.
  • Having a strong character that represents your brand also leads to consumer engagement and increases multiple views and shares of your video.

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