Live Action Videos

Live Action Videos

Videos That Speak For Themselves

The great thing about live action videos? They speak for themselves. Whether you’re trying to tell the story of your company or explain why your product is better than the competition, live action video allows you to communicate and connect with viewers in the most direct way—real footage of real things and real people.

Your success is our success, so we want to utilize live action elements that really capture your unique voice and message. Whether we use footage you already own, capture new footage, or use footage from our vast royalty-free library, it’s all about the extra flair. Interesting camera moves, beautiful color and texture filters, and touches of text and graphic animation that send your live action video above and beyond your expectations.

Live Action Videos – VMG Style

Live action videos help bring a brand to life by creating a relatable message that elicits an emotional response from the audience. Whether you’re displaying your product’s functionality, teaching best practices to new hires, or bringing awareness to a cause close to your heart, the use of live action video  can help humanize your brand.

Live Action Video Process

At VMG, we’re huge fans of film. From slapstick to film noir, we’re kind of nerds about it all. So, naturally, we take a cinematic approach to live action video. Well-shot, dynamic video footage and high-resolution, parallaxed photo montages—we live for that stuff!

Whether we use footage you already own, capture it ourselves, or carefully select them from a renowned stock library, we create a compelling sensory experience that gets people to listen, relate, and engage with your message and brand.


We begin by learning about your company, your product or service, and your competition in our “Discovery” phase.

Mood & Message

Once we’ve got what we need to get started, our award-winning production and design teams will lock themselves in a room until they’ve hatched the perfect plan for your live action video. Bleary-eyed and coffee-stained, we’ll then send you our progress in the form of a voice over script, concept image, and recommended voice over talent.

Sneak Peek

Next, we’ll pore over all of the footage, choosing the best shots for each scene, and populate storyboards for you to review. We’ll pair this with a brief cut of the recorded voice over and call it your “Sneak Peek.”

Video Premiere

The big reveal! Time to see the results of everyone’s hard work. We’ll send you a link to your completed video that will allow you to provide notes for any final tweaks you might have.


Once you’ve blessed it with your final approval, we’ll send a link that will allow you to download your video, optimized for multiple uses, on multiple devices.

If live action video appeals to you, and you want to work with a skilled production team that’s second to none, contact VMG.

Read a recent testimonial from a satisfied client!

“I recently completed my first video with VMG and have to say that from the sales interaction through the creative process I am very pleased with this group of professionals. I needed a dramatic impact to set the stage for this project; something I am very passionate about, and together I think we really hit the mark! The highest praise I can give is my recommendation and the team at VMG certainly earned that!”

Ron Cardillo Jr. – Creator Guided Minds APP

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