Software Explainer Videos

Our Software Demos tell the story what you do AND why they need it.

Say goodbye to boring screen recordings.

Finally a way to showcase your system that works:

  1. Engaging – Did you know that you have 14 seconds to engage a video viewer? Virtual Media Group knows how to gain and hold their attention, with a powerful script and interesting narrator, all the while guiding them towards the next step in your sales process.
  2. Time is features – A lot of software companies have made an attempt at creating their own demo video and most have ran into the same problem. When using screen recording software the demo is slow and fails to show all that your system can do. Our proven system to demonstrate software allows us to show over 3 times the features.
  3. Simulated Navigation – Screens loading and mouse travel time slow down your demo. VMG takes a different approach by simulating the software navigation we are able to keep the demo exciting and interesting to the viewer. This prevents them from getting bored and keeps them hanging on every word, waiting to see what you are going show them next.
  4. A picture is worth 1000 words – You know the old expression, but have you ever thought about including images, videos clips, or graphics to your software demos? Showing your actual software is important, however it’s also important that the person watching it can imagine how it will improve their life. Complementing the demo with visuals that help tell the story allows us to tap into the emotional side of the clients thought process.