Spice Up Boring Demos With Customized Videos

By November 8, 2018 December 18th, 2018 Corporate Videos, Explainer Video

Are you looking for a way to explain your software to your team or audience? You are probably looking into software demos that are basically screen recordings. What you really need to be looking into are software explainer videos.

Explainer videos break down complicated products and processes so that they are easily understood and remembered. Combining this quality with a software demo is the perfect way to deliver an engaging, educational and memorable presentation.

Say goodbye to boring screen recordings! Our software explainer videos aren’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill demos. These videos help to engage your customers and quickly convey your key messages all while explaining your software. We offer four different styles of software explainer videos: live action, animated explainer, character animation and whiteboard animation.

Live Action Videos

This style is rich with multimedia. It includes mild animation, images, video footage, text, voiceover and background music. These explainer videos deliver a concise, consistent and convincing message every time.

Animated Explainer

Animated infographic explainer videos stimulate the viewer both logically and emotionally. Infographic videos are exactly what you think they are, infographics that have been animated to deliver a message in an especially engaging way.

Character Animation

This style combines the professionalism of a corporate video with the lightheartedness of a cartoon. These explainer videos are the perfect blend of education and entertainment. They grab attention and hold it, allowing you to match your branding and get your message across.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation videos are the perfect way to simplify a complex idea so that it is better understood by consumers. Studies have shown that whiteboard videos are the perfect way to stand out, grab the attention of costumers, and keep them engaged.

Software explainer videos can be used in email blasts, trade show booths, sales presentations, your website homepage, blog, and practically all social media platforms. Check out our blog, 6 Ways to Use an Explainer Video in Your Business, to learn more ways you will be able to use your new software explainer video!

Let us help you create a video that allows people to better understand your company! We can help you select the style that best fits your company and get your project rolling.

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