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The only thing more exciting for us than creating great videos is sharing examples of videos our clients LOVED! We share these videos on social media as well as post the most recent to this page. On more than one occasion this has turned into a referral back to our clients, a true WIN-WIN!


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Have you caught the prebiotic trend yet? If you are in the know and you want to hear about an excellent product, or if you are still wondering what prebiotics are, you need to take 71 seconds and watch the video we did for ProBiotein, this week's Video of the…
Video of the Week
November 7, 2018


This cutting edge device is on the forefront of its industry and needed a high end, fast paced, attention grabbing video to capture the hearts and minds of the marketplace. The kinetic text and dynamic transitions in this video captivate viewers while the high energy soundtrack helps cut through the…
Video of the Week
October 24, 2018

Air Oasis iAdapt Air

A client who loves to show off industry leading products…CHECK! 3D animation so good you’ll swear we shot it live…CHECK! We have now created 6 videos with Air Oasis Air Purifiers, and this latest series of 3D videos is nothing short of incredible. This video features their in-home portable iAdapt…
Video of the Week
October 17, 2018


Describing the unique customization options of a dynamic product like PortaDam is certainly an artistic challenge, but when the team at Portadam Inc gave us the opportunity, it was all hands on deck (or dam in this case)! Once we dug in to this week's Video of the Week, it…
Video of the Week
August 15, 2018

Visionary Optics

There are an endless number of reasons to use video in your marketing efforts, but one of the most impactful is the approachability factor. Maybe you have a technical or intimidating product or service, like our client at Visionary Optics; an Animated Explainer can be the answer to reaching your…