Video of the Week

TransMetric America Geocounts

This week’s Video of the Week came with a challenge: how do we humanize numbers? Our solution for Transmetric America GeoCounts: a rich, hand-drawn media board style explainer with a script that evokes family and community. Check it out in 3… 2… 1…

Peoples Trust and Savings Bank

Need your cuteness fix for the day? Then you’ll love this week’s Video of the Week. When Dan at Peoples Trust and Savings Bank sent us a photo of their new mascot, Lincoln, we knew we had to make him the star of this short Animated Explainer. The result is a fun and personal way for Peoples Trust and Savings to attract new customers.

Aesthetics Biomedical – Vivace

This week we feature a video we created for Aesthetics Biomedical. This upbeat, informative video which was created for their Vivace product is 100% 3D modeled! Yes, even the parts that you think are shot video are 3D. Yes, even that part.

With lots of animated text conveying information, this is also a great example of how video can be powerful in those situations when voice over isn’t always possible, or desired. For example, at a trade show or in a social media post.

Fuel Technologies International

This week we feature a video we just completed for Fuel Technologies International (FTI). Custom illustrations, color, and animation all combine to create this engaging video.

Our Senior Video Designer, Devin, did a wonderful job creating the effect of the light from the phone screens and the storm outside the building. Enjoy!