Video of the Week

Visionary Optics

There are an endless number of reasons to use video in your marketing efforts, but one of the most impactful is the approachability factor. Maybe you have a technical or intimidating product or service, like our client at Visionary Optics; an Animated Explainer can be the answer to reaching your audience without freaking them out. Check out Visionary Optics’ scleral contact lens services in this week’s Video of the Week.

Madison Co.

For up-and-coming technologies, sometimes the concept has to be explained before selling can even happen, and that’s where an explainer video really shines. Take a look at this week’s Video of the Week featuring Madison Company and they’re brand new wireless leak detection system.


We’re often asked: How can animation compete with live action footage? This week’s Video of the Week is our answer. Our friends at Fluidtrol wanted a walk-through of their facility, featuring all of their beloved employees, but a full video shoot just wasn’t in the cards. So, we took that same idea and turned it into a Character Animation that’s livelier than Live Action could ever be!

EO Accelerator

Did you know VMG makes more than exceptional marketing videos? This week’s Video of the Week is a great example of how we can take your training material and make it into a stylish, easy to watch training video. We’re so grateful to EO Accelerator for handing over the reins so we could make this one to remember!

“Adding new projects to a team with a full plate is always hard to manage but, working with VMG has allowed my team to be more creative than ever! We had a say where it made sense and kept us out of the weeds. The content writers, designers, artist and overall team worked magic with making our basic ideas come to life. We are so happy with this process, we’re already working on a second video!”

Lauren King – Accelerator Program Director @ EO Accelerator


Did someone say “trending”? With today’s Video of the Week, we helped PACTIV tap into the food delivery market that’s all the rage right now, and we did it with a #trendy hand-drawn style of video that’s just a little bit retro and a lot of fun.

“We provide a number of food packaging solutions and it can be challenging to streamline our specific offerings. I set out looking for a partner to help visually explain our products to clients when I found VMG. The process from start to finish was very customer friendly; I am busy with my day to day activities and didn’t have a lot of time to waste. The professionals at VMG were a perfect fit for this project and I have no doubt we will be partnering with them again going forward!”

Melanie Bandari – Marketing Communications Manager – Pactiv

New Life Spectrum

STOP. Collaborate and listen… We love collaborating with clients! For this week’s Video of the Week, we teamed up with Ian at New Life Spectrum to create a short Myth vs. Fact video about fish food. Ian shared his creative vision, inspiration, script, and even his own fish illustrations for us to stylize and animate. The result is lots of fun and informative.

Den’s Hot Dogs

This week we feature one of our 2018 Communicator Award winning videos. They say if you can’t make a funny-yet-clean video about hot dogs, get out of the animation game. Well, we gladly rose to that challenge as we placed our cheeky hot dog hero into live action environments to make this a real standout.

“We wanted a video to market our product to consumers while explaining how our fairly unique concept works to our potential customers. Admittedly, I was skeptical it was possible to have both bites of the apple and I cannot say enough how happy we are with the video produced by VMG! Their creative team took control and not only created a fun and humorous video but made the process smooth and enjoyable. We will definitely work with them again as we continue to grow and expand our business.”

– Denys Gorbatiuk Co-founder of Den’s Hot Dogs

TransMetric America Geocounts

This week’s Video of the Week came with a challenge: how do we humanize numbers? Our solution for Transmetric America GeoCounts: a rich, hand-drawn media board style explainer with a script that evokes family and community. Check it out in 3… 2… 1…

Peoples Trust and Savings Bank

Need your cuteness fix for the day? Then you’ll love this week’s Video of the Week. When Dan at Peoples Trust and Savings Bank sent us a photo of their new mascot, Lincoln, we knew we had to make him the star of this short Animated Explainer. The result is a fun and personal way for Peoples Trust and Savings to attract new customers.

Aesthetics Biomedical – Vivace

This week we feature a video we created for Aesthetics Biomedical. This upbeat, informative video which was created for their Vivace product is 100% 3D modeled! Yes, even the parts that you think are shot video are 3D. Yes, even that part.

With lots of animated text conveying information, this is also a great example of how video can be powerful in those situations when voice over isn’t always possible, or desired. For example, at a trade show or in a social media post.

Fuel Technologies International

This week we feature a video we just completed for Fuel Technologies International (FTI). Custom illustrations, color, and animation all combine to create this engaging video.

Our Senior Video Designer, Devin, did a wonderful job creating the effect of the light from the phone screens and the storm outside the building. Enjoy!