By December 19, 2018 Video of the Week

Is there anything more satisfying than solving a pesky, household problem with a quick spray of WD-40? 
Maybe not. But you know what comes close? Getting the opportunity to make a video for a global brand that everyone knows and loves. 
Check out what we did for WD-40 EZ-REACH – but grab a pen; you’re gonna want to make a list of all the hard-to-reach spots in your house that could use a spray.

“At WD-40 Company we are big believers in video content! We have partnered with VMG on multiple occasions now and really appreciate the creativity, flexibility and professionalism they bring to the projects. It is always great to find a trusted creative partner to share our brand with and we have found one in VMG!”

Kristen Isham – Digital Marketing Manager – WD-40 Company

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