Whiteboard Explainer Videos Work! Don’t Believe Me? Believe Science

By November 12, 2018 December 18th, 2018 Whiteboard Video

The effectiveness of whiteboard videos is not a new concept. Research consistently backs up the use of whiteboard videos as a marketing strategy, but have you ever thought about what makes them so successful at engaging audience members?

The Science behind Whiteboard Videos

Studies show that whiteboard explainer videos are an extremely effective learning tool, but why? Award-winning Psychology Professor Dr. Richard Wiseman thinks he can answer that question for us.

In 2012, Wiseman began a research study about whiteboard videos and why they work better than any other learning tool. During the study he recorded two videos of himself explaining a concept. In the first video, he just read from a script. In the second video, he used the script as a voice over for a whiteboard video.

After each group watched the two videos, he asked them a series of questions that tested their recall on the information they had just been given. His results showed an impressive 15% increase in what viewers remembered when they watched the whiteboard video compared to the video of Wiseman reading from the script.

“Anyone involved in education or research will know that is absolutely massive. Normally you have to work incredibly hard to get 5, maybe 10 percent increase in any kind of behavioral measure like that. Simply by animation you’re seeing a 15 percent increase.”

The question still being asked though, is why do whiteboard videos create such a large increase in the ability to recall information. The answer is simple, the fun and engaging characteristics of whiteboard videos allow the audience to follow a concept in a creative way, opening their minds to the possibility of learning something new. As Wiseman explains in his study, they put viewers in a better mood which allows them to learn at a higher level.

“We know that in order to remember something, you need to attend to it in the first place. If you haven’t got people’s attention, you’re not going to get the information in. I think what the animations do is hold that attention. They hold it in an incredibly engaging way.”

Grabbing your audiences’ attention and holding on to it is the most important part of creating a video, and with the research that shows how successful whiteboard videos are, it is no question why so many businesses are adding them to their marketing strategies.

If you still don’t believe us, head over to our portfolio page to check out some of the whiteboard explainer videos we have made this year! Ready to get started with your own whiteboard video? Contact us today.