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Whiteboard videos are one of the most popular types of explainer video – and for good reason. They’re hand-drawn, so there are virtually no limits to what they can communicate. Maybe you’re trying to pitch a product that’s still in development. A whiteboard can show customers or investors what it is, how it works, and why it’s a great idea. Or maybe you’ve got a product or service that confuses or intimidates people. Using a whiteboard video, we can create simple, easy-to-follow illustrations that cut through the confusion and make your message accessible to a wide audience.

Featured Client Whiteboard Videos

Featured Client Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard Videos – VMG Style

At Virtual Media Group, we’ve got a talented team of producers, illustrators, and animators with a knack for producing top-tier, classic whiteboard videos. But we’ve also got a flair for the creative, so we can craft hand-drawn videos using almost any type of media, from pencils to pastels to watercolors. We’ll even do full-color cartoons, concept art for your future movie, or regal portraits of your cat, Sir Pounce. In the immortal words of Walt Disney: If you can dream it, we can do it!

We’re not your typical whiteboard company. When you get a VMG whiteboard video, you’re not only getting an evergreen marketing tool–you’re getting one-of-a-kind digital content that helps your brand stand out from the competition.

Benefits of Whiteboard Videos

  • Because they’re hand-drawn, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the creative possibilities.
  • The whiteboard format is extremely flexible and therefore budget-friendly. We can keep it simple or go super high-end. Either way, you’ll get an effective explainer video.
  • They’re entertaining and engaging. The gradual reveal hooks viewers and helps bypass their advertising filter so they’re more likely to retain your message.
  • They provide clarity. Narrative storytelling is a great way to convey your message at a high level. But it’s also an effective way to dole out technical or complex information gradually, so you can educate your viewers without overwhelming them.

Whiteboard Video Process

It all starts at Discovery. We’ll break out our learning hats and get to know your company so we can zero in on the messaging of the video. Our goal is to get a grasp on your business, the industry around you, and your customer base before we hit the drawing board.

Mood & Message
Once we’ve got all the info we need, our award-winning production team will put their heads together to develop script content and visual concepts. We call this combo the “Mood & Message,” and once we feel good about where we’re heading with it, we’ll send it to you for review. This first big step includes a voice over script (if applicable), demos of some recommended voice actors we think would fit your brand well, and a concept image that depicts the overall visual aesthetic we’re going for.

Sneak Peek
After you’ve approved the Mood & Message, we’ll expand our ideas a little more with a “Sneak Peek.” This step consists of scene-by-scene thumbnail sketches and a short snippet of the voice over to make sure the voice actor nailed it.

Final Art
From there, our illustrators will draw fully developed scenes based on the approved thumbnails. When the Final Art is ready to go, we’ll send it over so you can do a final review.

Video Premiere
Next, our expert (and highly caffeinated) animators and editors will bring the whole thing to life. Finally, when it’s time for the big Premiere, you’ll receive a link to review the video online and provide notes for any final tweaks you might have.

Once we’ve wrapped production, we’ll deliver the finished video – optimized for any application, on any device.

If you are interested in creating a whiteboard video to showcase your business, contact Virtual Media Group today to discuss how we can help!

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Penn State MRI

“We had a very good experience in working with Virtual Media Group. The Video Producer on our project kept things moving and in the end they produced a very useful tool in helping to explain who we are. We are using the video in Trade Publications and allowing our audience to watch rather than read about what we have to offer.”

Dave Fecko – MRI Industrial Relations Coordinator at Penn State University


“We sell a vital engineered safety product that’s at the top end of quality in a competitive industry. Explaining our differences and benefits in a succinct and engaging manner was the goal in this video project. We’re very pleased with the ideas and results the team at Virtual Media Group provided.”

Kevin Koberg, Sales & Marketing Manager DICA

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