Why Are Whiteboard Videos So Effective?

By July 30, 2018 December 18th, 2018 Animated Explainer, Whiteboard Video

Does your company offer a product or service whose complexity makes it difficult to explain to customers? If so, then you probably understand better than most the value of visual imagery.

Clients are far less likely to take you at your word regarding what your products do that if you’re able to actually demonstrate it to them. That’s because research has shown that as much as 65 percent of the population classifies themselves as visual learners. Yet successfully incorporating images into your marketing strategy takes pairing the right types of visuals with your message.

Whiteboard videos help explain complex processes

Enter whiteboard videos. Utilizing 100% hand-drawn animation set against a blank canvas, these ads have proven to be incredibly effective at convincing customers to buy whatever it is that they are seeing.

The reason for their efficacy is the simple, easy-to-follow way in which they present their messages. For example, say you sell replacement engines, and you really want clients to understand how their operation makes them different. You can show them a standard video of one of your engines (with a voiceover explaining what’s going on), yet you’re still asking the customer to trust your word.

If you go with a whiteboard video, on the other hand, you can actually deconstruct the image the on the screen, letting viewers see the individual internal components and show how they operate in concert. This produces that “ah-ha” moment that everyone sales and marketing dreams about when a client truly comprehends what is being said.

What science says about whiteboard animation

There’s scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of whiteboard animation. Because the images are presented in a much simpler context, the brain requires less effort to process them. This allows more effort to be put into comprehension. Beyond that, the visual progression of the animation from simple lines to a completed image serves to build anticipation in the viewer’s mind. Here’s how:

  • The sensory impulse caused by the anticipation produces the neurotransmitter dopamine in the ventral tegmental area of the brain.
  • The dopamine is released into the spaces between different brain cells, locking onto smaller molecules known as receptors.
  • This stimulation essentially serves as a mental reward, telling the viewer that whatever was just processed is worth getting more of.

It is for this reason why viewers of whiteboard marketing videos report feeling more as though they were being entertained rather than pitched a product.

Now that you understand why whiteboard animation is so effective when creating explainer videos, your next step is finding the right media solutions provider to help you create your own.

That’s where VMG comes in. Having created countless whiteboard videos for other clients, we know how to present your company’s message in a way that is sure to lead to increased customer conversion rates. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your new video!