Why You Should Consider a Whiteboard Animation Video

By November 9, 2018 Whiteboard Video

You have probably heard of whiteboard videos, and you have most likely seen them around, but have you thought of using one for your company?

If you have then you’re a step ahead of the game. Whiteboard videos are becoming extremely popular, and this is simply because they work. There are a ton of benefits that come with investing in a whiteboard animation video. Why should your company buy into the whiteboard animation trend? How and why do they work? Here’s why…

Tell a Story With Whiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard animation videos are a different type of marketing video. They grab and hold people’s attention by telling a story about a company, product or service. Oftentimes people relate to the character in the video, which results in them imagining themselves in the characters position, using the product or service.

These videos are effective because people can empathize or sympathize with the characters in the story, which causes them to be easily persuaded. The storytelling nature of whiteboard videos easily draws people, and hold their attention, because of the anticipation of wondering “what will happen next?” Whiteboard animations are even easy to follow without audio because the animation is drawn in the order that the story develops. This is helpful if you want your video to automatically play in a store or on your website without audio bothering or scaring visitors.

Whiteboard videos are entertaining and different from normal advertisements. This means that people do not feel like they are being sold to. Their defenses are down, and their advertising filters do not block the videos. Whiteboard videos are eye-catching, entertaining, and are able to get the desired message across to any audience.

Work with numerous audiences

Many people believe that an animated video will not sit well with their audience. At times this can be true, but many times they are surprised to learn that all ages of people appreciate the creativity and engaging aspects of whiteboard videos.

These videos work with many different audiences, because they can be targeted toward any age. The main character of the video can be drawn as any gender, ethnicity, age, etc. This way a company can ensure its specific target audience will relate. Most people in today’s business world grew up watching cartoons, and these videos bring on a strong feeling of nostalgia. When people are enjoying what they watch, they do not feel like they are being sold to.

Easily explain complex ideas

Another great aspect of whiteboard videos is the ability to simplify complex ideas or processes quickly. How many times has someone tried to teach you something by using a whiteboard? Probably hundreds. This goes all the way back to elementary school. By combining this proven teaching method with animation, even the most complicated ideas can be explained.

The animated nature of whiteboard videos make everything more fun to watch, so people will pay more attention to the details. When this teaching method and animation are combined with a well-written script, the results are incredible.

We are visually-oriented creatures, which is why they draw our attention. The images and animation also assist us in understanding the message. The combination of visual and auditory storytelling simplifies complex ideas, so that they can be easily understood. Whiteboard animations are also able to soften sensitive topics that cannot be comfortably approached directly.

Need to show a medical process that would make many people squeamish? Whiteboard animations are the way to go. Explaining how a new product or service works can be hard work, and can take a lot of time. By using a whiteboard video you will be saving yourself and your audience a lot of time.

Endless Possibilities

You have probably seen many different styles of whiteboard animation videos. This is because each one is 100 percent hand drawn, which means that each video is custom made to specification. Each artist has a unique drawing style, and is able to personalize videos to fit companies’ needs.

Most whiteboard videos are simply black and white; however, there is always the option to add color. If you want something in the video to stand out, or you want to include your logo or company colors for branding, it can be done. There are no limitations when it comes to hand drawn videos, well actually there is one… imagination!

So really, the possibilities are limitless. The artist can create all different looking characters, settings, animals, etc. Another way to increase brand awareness or simply increase product knowledge in a whiteboard video is by actually including an image of your product in the video. When it comes to creating a whiteboard animation video for your company, the sky is the limit.

This whiteboard animation video uses pops of CrispyGreen’s company colors to draw attention to certain aspects while increasing brand awareness. The actual product is shown at the end of the video so people know exactly what they are looking for when they head out to grocery shop.

Whiteboard videos are a great style of marketing video; however, they are not for everyone. That’s why VMG has 5 different styles of videos; one to fit the needs of each and every company. Contact us today to set up a consultation, and find out which style is the best fit for your company.